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Art of life


  • 20 years of growth and success in the international market.
  • Own production in 3 countries (Russia, Ukraine, India).
  • A sought-after and effective product for Health and Beauty.
  • International and Indian certificates (ISO, HACCP, GMP, HALLAL, FSSAI, FDA).
  • Millions of satisfied customers around the world.
  • Thousands of successful business partners who have realized their dreams.
  • The ability to create your own business and become independent.
  • Known franchise with unlimited income.
Earn anybody, regardless of the size of the initial capital
To assist the partner in the technology of product promotion
Each partner acts within the framework of the Treaty, which guarantees unified principles and rules
Systemic Training and support system. Effective technologies for building a business.

Become one of the best

Laljibhai Hirani
Laljibhai Hirani
Surat, India 54 years old
Has gone from the Consultant to the TOP - level President only in 1 year!!! Before Art Life he had private business and had no experience in the MLM. During the first 4 months he created turnover more than $125 000!
Till now in Art Life he earned > 3 Crores . His organization continues to grow and ahead of the excellent prospects.
Kiev, Ukraine, 37 years old
14 years of building business with the company Art life. Car, apartment, house, travel to different countries – with Artlife it all became a reality. Alexander's team has thousands of partners from Ukraine, Russia, India. Real experience in creating team specifications in India . Hundreds of partners from New Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Assam have reached the TOP status and changed their lives for the better.
Kiev, Ukraine, 36 years old
16 years professionally engaged in MLM Business with the company Artlife. 14 partners have reached the highest status of President.
The Valentine's business is developing in Ukraine, India, Russia, Europe.
2008 - Awarded "Cup structure of the Year"
2011 - Awarded with the Cup "Business Youth" As the youngest President in the history of the company.
2012 - Awarded in the nomination "Best Sales Technologies"
2014 - Awarded with the nomination "Man of the Year"
2016 - Invited to the members of the expert council of the company ArtLife
2017 - Awarded with the nomination "Speaker of the Year"
Lipetsk, Russia, 48 years old
Status President.
More than 20 years of successful experience in MLM.
Repeatedly nominated and awarded for various achievements in ArtLife.
Develops the business of Artlife in three countries.
Permanent member of the Expert and Presidential Council Artlife.
"Few people on earth can afford to live and enjoy life, as members of Royal families do. Thanks to my success in ArtLife I got the opportunity. Many of those who came to my team, too, has achieved incredible success. Now ArtLife has come to India and you have such opportunity! Now, come to India and it's there for you!"

Our products lead to a healthy life

Health is like a mountain top, which everybody must conquer by himself.
The product range of the Artlife company let you select useful products and individual
programs for yourself and your loved ones
Functional Foods

Functional Foods

Functional foods are foods that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition due to certain physiologically active components. These foods may help prevent disease, reduce the risk of developing disease, or enhance health..
Biologically active complexes

Biologically active complexes

Biologically active complexes contain all necessary Substances to maintain normal Health and raise the body's resistance аnd are intended for the prevention of nutrient deficiency Innovative new products that will make your life happier and healthier.


        Natural biocomplex based on unique Abies
        spectabilis leaves micropowder.
        - Improve regeneration process
        - Provide aimed action (heart, liver, nervous system)
        - Effective and safe with countinuous intake


    Phytogels - innovative products of Artlife - effective action
    on key systems of human body, early help in different cases/
    - Action directed to correction og different states of the body
    - Immediate eggect
    - Ready to intake, no need to dissolve
Annual Awards of the Leader’s
Annual Awards of the Leader’s
For many years, Artlife has always rewarded the leaders of its business and helps its partners to become better. We believe that everyone deserves recognition in the company in which he works.
Get a Car Bonus
Get a Car Bonus
Partnership with artlife has provided a stable material prosperity for many people. The company has gives away a premium car to our Outstanding Partners.
Acquire friends and partners
Acquire friends and partners
Artlife is a community of people of different ages and nationalities. We are united by an active life position and the desire to be better.
The ability to travel and explore the world
The ability to travel and explore the world
Artlife gives an opportunity to discover the world. The company encourages people who like to travel and pay travel partners.
Earn and help the needy
Earn and help the needy
The company's products help to maintain themselves and loved ones in great shape. Feel the real taste of life with artlife.

Become a part of a great community

Great community
Build a fantastic career
Helping other people
Travel around the world
Opening business with the Artlife franchise you get opportunities:
  • receive unlimited passive income;
  • to build a fantastic career and be recognized among the successful entrepreneurs;
  • by helping other people become more successful (become a most successful person by helping others people);
  • travel around the world in a circle of like-minded people, visit festive banquets and festivals;
  • get acquainted and build friendly and business relations with new and interesting people;
  • you will be a free entrepreneur of your own business, with the right to receive exclusive knowledge and support for business development.

Find yourself in company

Artlife allows you to earn with any initial income. Open a business of any level with the Artlife franchise and get privileges as a partner of the company
Partner of Small Business

Partner of Small Business

Improvement of quality, effective and safe product in the Indian market:

  • Personal tutor for business.
  • 25% discount on products.
  • Ability to do business under the brand Art Life.
  • Career growth and prospects.
  • Free education.
  • Bonuses, promotions, gifts.
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Owner Customer<br> Center

Owner Customer

All the benefits of a small business partner plus:

  • Additional discounts for the product up to 25%.
  • Exclusive right to service customers and Art Life partners in your region.
  • Online sales accounting system
  • Support and recognition from the company Art Life.
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Leader of Big<br> Business

Leader of Big

All the benefits of a small business partner plus:

  • Personal advice and support from the top leaders of Art Life from Europe.
  • Assistance in organizing events.
  • Advertising support.
  • Training and introduction in your team of effective technologies for doing business.
  • Passive income from 5-10Lac / pm for 1 year.
  • International travel
  • Recognition from the TOP leaders and the management of the company Art Life.
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